People helping people

experience THE love and GRACE OF JESUS

our values

We value BOLD FAITH.

Knowing and following God by faith, experiencing the joy and confidence of trusting God everyday. 


Connecting people to the life changing opportunity of belonging to a loving community of people. 


Doing whatever it takes to serve others in a way that they become curious about Jesus Christ. Being a blessing individually and as a church through outreach and missions.

We value FREEDOM

Living life under God's grace and helping others find freedom from the entanglements of sin, and shame driven religion.  No guilt and no nagging!

Our desire is to help you experience a relational progression from guest to friend to family with each step being a step of faith into greater purpose and relationships.  For more information on getting connected to the exciting opportunities at Galilee Church join Pastor Andy at the next STARING POINT.  This is a one time orientation to help you learn more about our vision and discover your next step toward joining us in this grace adventure. Visit NEW HERE, START HERE on Sunday for more information or to sign up.

For Students

(Both Middle School and High School) 

Our desire is to create environments where they can…

Prioritize their Relationship with Christ

Influence their Friends

Experience Personal Ministry

For more information contact David Walser.

For Children

Our desire is to create safe, relevant environments that teach children the following…

For preschoolers we want them to know…

  • God Loves Me
  • God Made Me
  • Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever

For elementary we want to teach them the following values…

  • I Need To Make The Wise Choice
  • I Can Trust God No Matter What
  • I Should Treat Others The Way I Want To Be Treated.